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May 30 10

Shorten the Learning Curve and Become a Master at Manifesting Your Desires

by Travis

Are you tired of plodding along trying to manifest your desires the slow way? I know exactly how you feel.

For years I would buy one book after another with high hopes of finally being wealthy, losing weight, overcoming certain health issues, and manifesting all the good things life has to offer. So many times I would manifest small things but the large things that I really wanted eluded me. Either that or I’d spend months visualizing and affirming and nothing would happen at all and I would doubt whether the law of attraction even worked.

Then I got it.

I learned a number of laws that most teachers of manifestation completely miss either through ignorance or maybe they just want to keep it to themselves…I don’t know.

The truth of the law of attraction is that there are many subtle spiritual and psychological rules that are mandatory if you wish to manifest your desires and dreams into reality. The mechanics of visualization and affirmation are only the tip of the iceberg. If you only know this you are on the slow track and it could take years before your efforts grow into fruition.

This is so incredibly unnecessary because as you learn and practice these laws you can attract what you want incredibly fast.

Unfortunately there are few programs that can teach you all of these rules and techniques.

In this website I share with you these rules and principles so that you can activate the law of attraction in your life.  I also review some of the best programs and books that I have found helpful.  There really are some great programs out there and I want you to have them.

Here’s one for now…

Bob Proctor’s The 11  Forgotten Laws of Attraction.

Now when I first heard about this program I wasn’t very familiar with Bob Proctor….except for his appearance on the Secret. Also I was a bit skeptical about what if anything anyone could teach me after more than a decade of studying this.

Well I was pleasantly surprised.

Bob teaches you everything you need to know to make the law of attraction work in your life and does so in a way that you can easily apply. He combines this with an online notebook and the support of an online community. There are so many success stories of people becoming millionaires, overcoming challenges, and learning to master their lives that I think it’s worth checking out to anyone who is learning to work with this law.

Click Here to Visit Bob’s site and see what all the fuss is about

Here’s an example of the impact just one of the laws has had on my life… I hope it encourages you as you try to manifest your desires

One of Bob’s laws is the law of resistance. It states that what you resist persists.

Last year I found that I had let myself go physically and was a bit overweight. I had tried many things without success until I remember that what you resist persists. I spent some time letting go of resisting where I was at in terms of my weight and accepting myself as I was. I visualized myself at my ideal weight, and went about my life.

One month later I had lost 15 pounds and the remarkable thing was that I didn’t do anything special to achieve that. It just happened easily.

Another thing that happened as I applied this law is that I made more money in the “recession” year of 2009 than in the previous “boom” years working the same job with the same hours.

I also have found more attractive people interested in dating me than at any time in my life and I shaved almost 20 strokes off my golf game in one year.

What more exciting is that these results are only from really practicing and ingraining a few of these laws. As I work with them I find I am attracting more and more abundance.

It’s so easy to get off track and spend time spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. I would have given anything if I had this resource that could have put me on solid footing from the beginning.

Now it does take effort to apply these 11 laws, but doing so is the best way I know of to put yourself on the fast road to success.

Here’s a nice video interview with Bob that I dug up

Click Here to visit the official site

Now go manifest your desires.

May 11 10

Could You Be Sabotaging Your Manifestations by Resisting What You Don’t Want?

by Travis

You might be thinking I’ve completely gone off my rocker? Manifest your desires by what?

Well before you shuffle me off completely to the looney bin, you should know that what I’m about to tell you is a subtle and barely known principle of mind….one that really keys in the law of attraction to work not just fast but with lightning like speed.

Manifestors listen up.

You see when you hold in mind what you don’t want…either consciously or subconsciously….you get it. Now if you really have a strong dislike for poverty, illness, or being alone that very dislike will draw that mental image into your mind continuously.

Here’s what I mean. Think about something you really fear. What images are there? Now be honest. Haven’t these images been there anyway on the edge of your awareness. Choose to let this fear go and you will come closer to this illusive wealth consciousness people talk about.

(one way to do this would be to simply visualize the image being drained from your system into a balloon and set free)

Now when your thoughts of abundance come in they won’t have all the internal conflict. Your desires can manifest as fast as you can have a thought when your mind is clear enough.

To manifest your desires there are 2 types of fears or “don’t wants” to let go of
1. Fears of what will happen if you don’t get your goal.
2. Fears of what will happen if you do get your goal.

The first one I can hear you agreeing with me, but what about number 2. If you really delve into your psyche you will find that you are afraid of getting your goal as much as not getting it. Perhaps if you are fabulously rich you believe you won’t belong with your family or friends, or that lightning will strike you down, or you will be a social outcast. Whichever it is the law of attraction will work to manifest whatever your mind holds as a consistent picture.

The two types of fears create feelings of both desperation and dread about getting your goal. Both ways leave you feeling stuck in a consciousness of lack and your circumstances conform to those thoughts.
The first step in having an abundance consciousness is to clear out these lacking feelings that run in the background.

As you do not only do thoughts of abundance have to be repeated less and less, but you find things just begin to go your way. Good things come to you easier and with less effort. You manifest your desires easier….and isn’t that the whole purpose.

May 2 10

To Manifest Your Desires….Banish Your Desire.

by Travis

I’d like to share with you what I think the biggest misunderstanding is that blocks your access to the Law of Attraction and how you can manifest your desires into reality.

It is confusion about the word desire. And this confusion is perpetuated by none other than Napoleon Hill’s masterwork, Think and Grow Rich. Once you get this your ability to manifest what you want goes up a hundredfold.

To get what I mean consider this.

Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill when he gave him the secret to wealth and success that the main thing was having a “definite purpose”. Now this is true, but by the time he wrote his masterwork Hill reworded it to be called developing a “burning desire” and the misunderstanding around this term is likely wreaking havoc with your ability to attract what you want into your life.

Let me explain.

To recap reality mirrors our predominantly held thoughts. Here’s the tricky part…when we desire something do we feel full and abundant now, or do we feel like our happiness lies in the future, and our present is full of lack.

Keep in mind the biblical quote,” For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.”

It is a statement of abundance consciousness versus a lack and poverty consciousness.
Hold in mind a “burning desire” and you are holding in mind what you don’t want i.e., lack and poverty. Wrongly understood to develop a burning desire within oneself creates a poverty consciousness and attracts those circumstances to you.

If you have been frustrated at your inability to achieve prosperity in your life there is good news. You now have a crucial missing piece of the manifestation puzzle….one which took me more than a decade to get for myself.

To finally use the law of attraction correctly and manifest your desires you must learn to live from a state of feeling abundant RIGHT NOW.

From this powerful state of consciousness you then make a decision, a strong resolution even, as to what you will achieve…this is what is meant by having a definite purpose. But it is made without the neediness, the lacking, the desire, the poverty consciousness.

A new car…I think I’ll have that,

a new house….yes please,

I’ll take one for my friend…oh and a soul mate too.

The difference is in your current state of consciousness.

That’s why you hear Esther and Jerry Hicks talking about giving appreciation to everything, or why you hear gurus like Jack Canfield or Wayne Dyer talking about gratitude and writing down what blessings you already have. I endorse and recommend all these to manifest your desires but I also recommend watching your affirmations and visualizations to stop yourself from actually rehearsing the wrong thing.

Here’s what I mean.

When you visualize your goals (you are doing visualizing….right) pay attention to WHEN you feel like the goal is achieved. I find most people unknowingly visualize it as happening in the future…No.. It has already happened.

How does that feel? How do you walk, sit, stand? What do people say to you now? Imagine it has been 2 weeks , or a year, or five years since you manifested your dream if that helps.

To kick it up a notch notice your thoughts and feeling throughout the day. Whenever you notice yourself putting your achievement and success in the future with words like “someday I’ll____”, or “I wish_____”, or “wouldn’t it be nice if I had_____”, then stop and bring it into the present.

The same thing is true with affirmations. You phrase them as if they are here now not in the future. As you do them notice your energy. In your mind are you holding it away from you despite the words of the affirmation? The surest sign of where you’re at is whether you feel grateful and abundant or needy and lacking.

As you notice the difference you will naturally begin to rehearse prosperity consciousness more and more. You will rehearse the right mental patterns and make the law of attraction provide you with riches and abundance.

Always keep this in mind. You will not manifest your dreams into reality until you feel that they are already yours. When you develop this you will have a true prosperity consciousness and you will use the power of mind to create miracles in your life and truly manifest your desires.

Apr 26 10

Manifest Your Desires by Changing Habits of Thought…How People Fall Short.

by Travis


Hi all, 

Travis here.

Let’s recap what we talked about if you want to manifest your desires into reality.  There are two things you must do.

Firstly you have to think of what you want and not of what you don’t want.

Secondly you have to make those thoughts predominate in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Gandhi said it best when he said, “Habit is destiny.” 

But there’s a trick.  There are pitfalls and challenges which many of the law of attraction gurus either gloss over or don’t know anything about.  Ignorance of these things has cost many people their dreams and allowed their minds to stay stuck in poverty consciousness.

First of all thoughts of abundance must be repeated until they are ones’ natural way of functioning.  However, the mind will resist.  Brian Tracy calls this the homeostatic impulse.  In other words the mind will try to stop you from changing it.  It’s easy to understand why.  The mind believes its current thoughts are needed for survival even if they keep you stuck in misery.

It tells you that to have a million dollars will make people kill you, finding your soul mate will hurt you beyond repair, and if you are healthy everyone will silently hate you and you’ll die alone.  For most these thoughts are well outside of conscious awareness.  What they are aware of is the panic or fear that arises when letting go of their belief in poverty and limitation.

One thing that really sabotages people is that they are unaware of the mind’s many tricks to stop them and maintain the status quo.  It makes them think that they are finished, that what they are doing isn’t working, or that things are getting worse.

When you commit to creating a wealth and abundance consciousness in yourself and begin to rehearse the correct mental patterns you have to be ready.  For a while the mind will kick up every thought of lack, want, and poverty that it can.  It will feel as though things are getting worse. 

Some believe it is the universe’s way of helping you by bringing up all that is in opposition to your intention so that it can be surrendered.  Others believe the negative programs of the mind are defending themselves.  Either way there are a few things you must do.

First you must have made a resolute decision, not a wish or a hope.  (More on this later)  You must make this decision strong enough to ride out the waves of negativity that come up.

(By the way these waves of negativity don’t always arise.  It depends on your history and on what you are focusing the power of mind on attracting into your life.  I’ve found the more important the goal to my life mission the more negativity that arises.

Second you must not resist the negativity too much or you will prevent it from passing through your awareness.  Allow it up with acceptance and forgiveness.

Helpful affirmations to keep you on track are.

“I now release the pattern in my consciousness that created_____”(name of limitation)from Louise Hay

“I am now willing to release and let go of all limitations—past or present—I am at peace”.

“I forgive and accept myself for having this pattern and release all the negativity in this pattern now.”

“I am now released from everything and everybody that are no longer part of the divine plan for my life.  Everything and everybody that are no longer part of the divine plan for my life now release me.” From Catherine Ponder

Also the work of the students of Lester Levenson—Larry Crane’s Release Technique and Hale Dwoskin’s Sedona Method—are very helpful at releasing subconscious negativity.  They address what Lester believed were the 2 main blocks to letting go of limitations.

  1.  The belief that you can’t
  2. The unwillingness to do so

You can get through this phase of cleansing.  You can have a prosperity and wealth consciousness where you have all the abundance in the world.  Even if you’ve stopped a million times before you can choose right now to continue.

The good news is if you really focus you can turn yourself around in a matter of days, weeks, or months….rather than years. 

I’ll wrap up this post with a quote of Lester Levenson’s that just about sums up how you can manifest your desires and make the law of attraction work for you in your life….and to do it now.

“It is possible to eliminate years of accumulated wrong thinking in one single thought if that one thought be powerful enough, that is, effected with tremendous will.”

Apr 24 10

The Art and Science of Manifesting Your Desires

by Travis

Travis here,

Perhaps you’ve watched the Secret.  Perhaps you’ve even read various books on the law of attraction.  If you’ve ever tried to get it to work for you and manifest your desires and dreams into reality, but maybe come up short then you are very fortunate to have made it to this site.

I’m not going to tell you I’ve got some super-secret information which will suddenly make the whole thing work for you.  You’ve had enough of that B.S.

What people aren’t telling you is that it takes most people years to develop a prosperity and wealth consciousness.  Much of that time they waste unknowingly following wrong principles, or sabotaging themselves due to ignorance of a couple of simple rules that could turn the whole thing around in record time.

I am going to help you manifest your desires and make the law of attraction work in your life, by offering the observations of someone who has been living with this law for almost 15 years.  Not someone who just read about the law of attraction and simply started to regurgitate someone else’s information.  Hopefully I can save you what I went through.

So let’s start by laying the groundwork.

 The main thing you’ve got to do to manifest your dreams is to hold in mind what you want and don’t hold in mind what you don’t want.

There, that’s nice and simple isn’t it.  Here’s the trick…

You are not starting from a blank slate.  Your mind is already holding in mind thousands if not millions of thoughts, but they are outside your conscious awareness, and if you’re like most those thoughts are probably thoughts of lack instead of abundance.

To make the power of mind begin to work for you, you have to make thoughts of abundance become the predominant thoughts you have in mind–both the conscious and subconscious.

In future articles I will lay out the handful of practices and tips that have been found most effective to manifest your desires by myself and people I know. I also intend to let you know about the resources I found most helpful over the last decade plus.

Til then God Bless.